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As of 10/13/22 you can no longer enroll in Yieldnodes. They are going through some restructuring with their assets and currently are not allowing new deposits or withdrawals. Personally I am not excited about this and a bit concerned about the money I invested. But, like I always say, in the world of Crypto, EVERYTHING is risky and we should never invest anything we can’t afford to lose.  My hope is that their restructuring works and they successfully pull through this intense crypto bear market right now.  I’ll continue to provide updates every couple months and we shall see how this plays out.  


When I started with Yieldnodes 8 months ago, I was VERY skeptical.

It just seemed too good to be true. I have worked in the financial industry for pretty much all of my career and I know what to expect with a good investment and am very skeptical of anything that promises really great returns.

But as I did my due diligence with them I discovered that they had a ton of great reviews on TrustPilot, they had all kinds of audits done on their company, and they had been around since 2019 (which is like an eternity in the Crypto space).

So I decided to throw some money in to see what would happen.

And to date, I am glad that I did.

While I consider this to be on the riskier side of crypto, performance wise it’s actually probably the best performing thing that I’ve invested in this past year in crypto (as of Aug 8th, 2022).

Truth be told, YieldNodes has done nothing but earn me money consistently each month since I started investing in it.

Whereas every other coin I’ve invested in has gone down and many of them by 70-80% in the last 6 months. And so I’m very excited about this.

That’s why I wanted to share it because although it is on the riskier side, at the same time I feel like it’s just done really well for me.

Watch my yieldnodes review video for full details:

This video will take you through the details of my last month’s earnings as well as step-by-step instructions if you decide to join Yieldnodes.

So what is Yieldnodes?

Yieldnodes program details

When you joinYieldNodes, and invest money with YieldNodes, you are participating in Masternoding.

I’m not going to get super technical on how cryptocurrencies and how blockchain works, because I’m not super strong on the technical side. And I don’t really understand it well enough to give you a perfect answer.

The two different types of validation

But what I will say is you have two different types of validation that happens. And so you have Bitcoin, which is a proof of work thing and it is a very time intensive thing. And these big calculations that are being done and all this stuff.

Proof of stake on the other hand are a whole bunch of other coins. And I would say, I think the vast majority of them uses the proof of stake model where you have computers that are now validating those transactions.


investing with YieldNodes

This is how the blockchain works. A transaction is made and it goes out to a whole bunch of different computers that have to validate it. This is my basic understanding of blockchain. And that’s probably not a hundred percent technically correct. But, that’s my basic understanding of how it all works.

So Masternoding is when you are basically providing computing power and storage space by using special software and whatever really powerful computers and stuff like that to kind of help validate transactions on the blockchain. It’s not something that’s super easy or cheap to get into. In which is why when you scale this up, it’s a little bit easier.

The advantage of using YieldNodes

You and I can both do this. And we don’t have to use YieldNodes to invest in crypto. We could go do this on our own, but because they’re pulling a whole bunch of money together they can invest and they can do it at a higher level.

At more scale and get a lot of these benefits and rewards because when you are doing this, when you’re providing this computing power and the storage space and these things there are rewards for doing so. That is how we earn money. So it’s kind of like a service that’s being provided and we are earning from helping with that service.

Masternoding in detail

I want to share with you a better, more technical, explanation of Masternoding:

Masternoding is an alternate way to earn revenue by providing technology or a Masternode that relies on proof of stake approach, a Masternode like any other full node is a node server within a network and full nodes are important because they process transactions and store them in the blockchain.

However, a Masternode operator has rights beyond those of a normal. Full node operator and is required to manage more critical tasks, bringing the operator higher rewards in order to obtain the status of a Masternode operator must deposit a specified number of the relevant coin for the staking, along with the performance of the required task and the provision of computing power plus storage space.

The operator receives rewards based on the corresponding coin proof of stake by operating appropriate Masternodes diligently while constantly monitoring, optimizing with clever strategies, extraordinary profits can be realized.”

And so this is what we’re participating in. Below, these are all the different coins that they’re actually Masternoding for:

Crypto companies that partner with YieldNodes

Why it’s best not to do this on our own

So in theory, you and I could go do this with each one of these… if we had enough resources, money, to do that for each one of them. But again, because we’re all pulling our money together, YieldNodes can facilitate all of this and go do Masternoding for each of these coins. And then they split the rewards with all of us who are part of this. So that’s the long of what’s actually happening.

YieldNodes performance

But coming to performance, this is what has been mindblowing to me.

They’ve been operating since 2019, which is a long, long time in the crypto world. And these are their average MONTHLY (not yearly) returns:

YieldNodes past performance chart

So you can look at this and you can see the average is somewhere from, 9-10% per month, not per year.

How much can you make with Yieldnodes?

The average monthly yield for the last 33 months has been 10%, which is just bonkers to me.

33 month statistics for Yieldnodes
Chart of yield nodes performance

My Yieldnodes review (my experience)

And so I have been with them since January of 2021. I had only made half a percent because I got in late.

But if I would’ve been in for the whole month of January, I would’ve had a much better return. February’s yield was 8.3%. March, was 7.4%. In April was 8.3%. And in May I added more money. So I only got like half of it, I think it would’ve had a higher return in May. In June it was 6.1.%. July was a fantastic 9.03% and then 6.1% in August.

My total return in 8 months = 51.9%

My actual yieldnodes returns for the last 8 months: 51.9%

And so I haven’t gotten an average of 10%. But the market has been just atrocious.

And I mean, I’m tickled pink to be getting returns like this.

The Yieldnodes risks

So in terms of the actual risks with Yieldnodes, I think the biggest risk is that it just stops working.

And they’re very transparent, which is another thing that I really like about them. They have said that they don’t expect returns to be this good forever.

And they also say all over their website that this is a risky investment. So, I am not investing ANY money that I would not be okay if I lost.

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But, at the same time, they have said that the loss of capital is highly unlikely because it’s not trading. So they’re mentioning fluctuation and then coin price. That’s probably the biggest risk. If one particular coin was to lose like 90% of its value, I think that should affect our account and affect our earnings.

The art of losing money

I’m not excited to lose money by any means. But with losing, I’m weighing the risks and the rewards. And especially in my experience, because I’ve had the last five months to evaluate, I’ve seen what’s happened.

And based on my experience so far with Yieldnodes, I’m gonna be adding more money to it.

Is Yieldnodes a scam?

Is Yieldnodes legit? Is Yieldnodes safe? Like I said at the beginning, I was really skeptical. And you and I should be… with every investment, including Yieldnodes.

Obviously, I can’t know for 100% certain whether or not it is a scam, but the fact that they have been around since 2019, and that there are many hundreds of positive Yieldnodes reviews on Trustpilot, and the fact that they randomly select members to come audit their books, makes me feel pretty good about them.

Scammers typically don’t do/have any of that stuff.

So, you need to invest according to your risk tolerance, but like I said, I feel pretty solid that it isn’t some big scam, so I am not only going to keep my money in with them, but will also be adding more as well.

What are the fees Yieldnodes charges?

Another thing I was wondering when I started investing with YieldNodes was, what do the fees look like with something like this?

And they say a maximum of 15% of whatever they earn (and that comes out before the profits hit your account). And so as long as I’m continuing to get returns, I’m happy to pay the 15% fee. I don’t really care about the fee at thins point, because I’m getting fantastic returns so far.

Yieldnodes minimum deposit

At the time of this writing the minimum deposit to start with Yield nodes is £500 (or about $600 US).

How to get started with YieldNodes

So if you’re interested in getting started with YieldNodes, I’m gonna walk you through exactly how to deposit and get everything set up with that.

I have it laid out with text and some screenshots below, but honestly I think watching the 2nd half of the video up above will be a lot more helpful for you.

Step one

The first thing you do when you actually sign up for a YieldNodes account is to deposit money. And so there’s a couple different ways we can do this. They have some ways to just exchange dollars in. But since this is a European company, I found that none of them worked for me.

And so the easiest way to add money is actually to just deposit Bitcoin. And I do so with Coinbase. The process of how to actually do this with any exchange where you can buy Bitcoin, or you can do this with Binance or really any other exchange.

Step two

Now we’re gonna trade. And so if you have nothing in your Coinbase account, you’ll want to actually buy some. And so over on the buy side, enter in the amount you’re going to buy. I have multiple banks connected to my account. But, you’ll need to connect a payment method or bank. I like to use PayPal for this.

But the point is, you’re just gonna buy Bitcoin at the exchange and you’re gonna transfer it over to YieldNodes. And then they’re going to deposit it, we’ll get into these details in a bit.

If you haven’t connected a bank yet this might take a little more time when you make this first purchase before it’s available for you to use.

Step three

Submit your order to add funds. Once you have the funds, you’ll want to click over to assets. When you refresh the screen, you can see the Bitcoin funds in your assets. Remember, it will not only show the funds you’ve added but it will also reflect the fees that have been taken out.

adding bitcoin to your coinbase assets

Step four (how to deposit funds into Yieldnodes)

Now click on your Bitcoin and send this over to YieldNodes.

When paying with Bitcoin, you’ll need the address to send it to. Once you have the address to send it to, make sure send is selected, click it and then send the amount over. And when you send it over to YieldNodes, make sure you’re selecting deposit. They’ll give you unique address to deposit your Bitcoin to.

how to deposit funds on yieldnodes

This address is the equivalent to you writing a physical address on an envelope, putting a hundred dollars in it and mailing it. If you write the wrong address on that, it very well could go to the wrong house and the likelihood of them sending it back is pretty low.

So, you want to make sure you have the correct address. Double check it. After double checking, copy and paste in that address. And I like to double check it again at this point. I’ll read probably the first three letters and the last three letters, just to confirm that I’m looking at the right thing. And then you’re going to send now. You’ll be asked for your code to confirm this transaction. And now the transaction is done.

how to deposit funds to yieldnodes

Step five

Go back over to YieldNodes.

Now you’re not going to see the funds right away. It might be a couple of days before you see anything show up in your YieldNodes account. And when you do, you’ll see your deposit pending. It takes them about seven days to actually take your money and to put it to use and actually get it Masternoding. Once those seven days are up, you’ll probably see that money in the Masternoded balance because now it’s actively earning new money.

YieldNodes pending status

How to withdraw funds from Yieldnodes

When you deposit your money, it’s locked up for six months. Now they do have an emergency withdraw option, but know that this incurs a 25% fee. But know that you can withdraw your funds within that six month window in an emergency. So if you have something come up where you absolutely need to do that, then you can do that. But ideally you’re waiting that six months so that you don’t have to pay that hefty fee.

Once you reach six months, you’re withdrawable amount will show. With each month as your Masternoded amount earns money, it will show up in this withdrawable area and you’ll be able to pull those funds out.

how to withdraw funds from YieldNodes

Automatically recompound your earnings

Now I don’t withdraw all of my earnings each month. I take advantage of automatically recompound the earnings back into my Masternoded balance. Because I don’t think I have to explain the power of compound interest to you, but that’s how you really see the big earnings is by compounding, Continuing to pour everything back in… that’s where things really, really start to grow. And so that’s what I’m choosing to do.

If you go to the withdraw section, you can set automatic recompounding for yourself too (it’s all the way at the bottom). You can use the slider provided to determine how much of your profits you want to automatically recompound. And if you don’t want to recompound, if you want to take the earnings each month out, you can do that. Just leave the slider set at zero and then you’ll have this withdraw amount and you can withdraw it.

Or if you do want to compound half of it, or even all of it, you can do that as well. And yes, this is where this emergency withdraw can be found too. If you run into a situation that you need to do that for some reason,

When you’re on the deposit page, if you scroll down, you’ll be able to see your deposits as well as your compound earnings. And you’ll also be able to see what YieldNodes have added back to recompound. So if you ever want to find out those figures you can see that there as well.

recompounding earnings with YieldNodes

UPDATE: Sept 2022

So, I just got an email from Yield nodes that is kind of blowing my mind. They sent an email saying that they are going to REDUCE their fee from 15% of profits to 12.5%.

Which means that users like myself will now be getting 87.5% instead of 85%.

Yieldnodes reducing their fee!

This is not only a nice gesture, but for me it gives me even more confidence in the Yield Nodes team. They have consistently done things to prove that they are a legitimate operation and the furthest thing from a scam.

I will keep updating this post every couple months on my actual results, so stay tuned.

In closing

So that is a brief overview of YieldNodes.

If you found this helpful and do end up signing up I appreciate you using our referral link right here.

It doesn’t cost you anything, but it helps us pay some of the expenses of creating content like this for you. And while I know there are plenty of people on the internet who will say anything for a quick buck, that isn’t me. I have been doing this for over 15 years and all our community knows that I only recommend products that I personally use and would recommend to my mom and sister.

The point is, I value my reputation and your trust far more than a few bucks. Trust takes a long time to earn in this era where almost everyone is blowing smoke and I hope to earn yours.

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I like this plan and I hope you do too.

And if you have any questions about Yieldnodes, just reach out. I am happy to chat and I’ll share my experience, anything I’ve learned or whatever thing I may have bumped into with the whole process.

All right. Hopefully you found this helpful!

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