Top 11 Cryptocurrency Bloggers to Follow in 2022

Cryptocurrency became a hot topic in recent times and more so in 2021.

But as fascinating as it is, the crypto space is also challenging to understand and navigate. There are new developments taking place almost every day, and whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you have to keep learning to stay on top of the industry. 

While there’s an abundance of information on topics related to cryptocurrency and blockchain, not all of it can be taken at face value—which puts you in a risky position. 

Fortunately, many crypto pioneers and enthusiasts share their opinions and relevant information about the industry on the Internet.  

Reliable, honest, and experienced—these bloggers have taken content in the crypto niche to the next level. From developments in the industry to its future, they talk and write on many issues that deserve attention. 

This article has a list of ten influencers and blogs you should follow if you’re interested in crypto and want a deeper understanding of the industry. 

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Started by Harsh Agrawal, CoinSutra is a goldmine of crypto-related information—for beginners and experts alike. It’s a platform where crypto users and enthusiasts worldwide share and exchange knowledge on the industry.

Besides guides and tutorials, it also includes articles on bitcoin, blockchain, cryptocurrency, crypto trading, wallets. Every piece of content is carefully curated after hours of research. 

If you’re just getting started in this industry or looking for in-depth information on important topics, CoinSutra should be your go-to source. 

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Founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, is a strong and respected voice in the crypto space. 

Buterin has been involved in cryptocurrency since its early days and has made considerable contributions to the industry. 

On his blog, Buterin regularly posts articles related to blockchain, providing details on aspects like Proof of Stake, rollups, consensus, the future of cryptocurrency, and more. 

He’s the co-founder of Bitcoin Magazine, a website providing information and experts’ opinions on bitcoin and related technology.

Not just that, Buterin is also active on Twitter, where he shares his opinions on crypto and blockchain and updates on Ethereum.

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Jimmy Song is a bitcoin advocate and developer. He’s been into bitcoin since 2011 and has worked on many open-source projects over the years. 

On his Medium blog, he writes detailed, opinionated pieces on bitcoin—discussing issues like monetary independence, altcoin valuation, and demerits of diversification of cryptocurrency. 

He has a guide called Programming Bitcoin, which again shows his knowledge and expertise in the industry. He also runs a popular blog and newsletter called Bitcoin Tech Talk

Whether you’re a newcomer or a blockchain-savvy developer, Song is one person you should follow. 

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Brian Armstrong is the founder and CEO of Coinbase, a leading cryptocurrency exchange platform. 

His Medium blog is a great place to understand how Coinbase works and who should use it. Besides talking about his company, he also shares opinions on the revolution of crypto and what lies ahead. 

On Twitter, Armstrong engages in insightful discussions around crypto, explaining why people should invest in it and the benefits it offers. 

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Erik Voorhees is the founder of the crypto trading platform ShapeShift. Having nearly ten years of experience in crypto and bitcoin, he is a respected thought leader in the industry and someone you must follow. 

Voorhees writes extensive pieces on Medium on bitcoin and ShapeShift—simplifying the latter’s features, benefits, updates, etc., for the general public. 

He also enjoys a huge following on Twitter, where he discusses decentralization in the crypto space, bitcoin, and ShapeShift’s features.  

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As his Twitter header says, Dan Held explains bitcoin simply. 

Held is a bitcoin entrepreneur with experience working at five bitcoin companies. He’s also the Director of Growth Marketing at Kraken, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange. 

Besides a Medium blog, Held also has his own website—where he regularly publishes high-quality blogs on bitcoin. He shares insights and comments on Twitter and provides great food for thought for the crypto community.  

Moreover, he also runs a newsletter to discuss all industry issues and even answers questions. 

If you’re a crypto enthusiast, Dan Held should definitely be on your reading list. 

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Linda Xie is a leading woman in the crypto space. She’s the co-founder of Scalar Capital and has experience working at Coinbase—where she developed tools like compliance, fraud, etc.

Her company’s website includes detailed guides for beginners and essential industry-related blog posts—created and published by her. 

It also includes links to her interviews and podcasts, which too are dipped with insights. 

Her Medium blog has well-explained articles and tips beginners can use to understand the industry. Here, she’s written on topics like the uses of bitcoin, how to join this industry, crypto assets, etc. 

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Adam Back is regarded as a pioneer of the digital currency movement and has been involved in this business since the 1990s. He’s also the founder of Blockstream.

Back has vast experience in all things crypto and bitcoin. He discusses many important issues on Blockstream’s blog, which is a vast and useful resource for crypto users. 

You can follow him on Twitter too. He shares thoughts on bitcoin and updates on Blockstream on the platform. 

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Although he has only five articles on his Medium blog and last posted in 2020, Sylvain Ribes has some great insights to share on bitcoin and crypto—one of his Medium articles received 22K claps.  

On Twitter, too, Ribes offers unfiltered opinions on matters related to the industry. 

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Matt Ward is a marketer, entrepreneur, and regular blogger on Medium. He talks about various things on the platform, including data analytics, startups, industry controversies, and more. 

But some of his early articles provide rich insights into the crypto ecosystem. He’s written about his interview with crypto influencers and their thoughts on the future, blockchain and crypto podcasts, the rise of the ICO economy, etc. These articles should be a must-read for anyone interested in crypto.

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Avinandan loves researching and producing technical content on blockchain and digital assets such as crypto, NFTs and much more. 

An enthusiast, he likes to cover everything that goes on in the crypto ecosystem.

He believes in creating an environment to aid the flow of correct information and thereby raise awareness for blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, and its use to businesses, enterprises, developers and society by educating them in the blockchain space. 


The cryptocurrency industry is ever-changing and unpredictable, making the consumption of trustworthy information a lot more critical. 

Lucky for you, these ten bloggers—having years of experience—provide deep insights and useful commentaries on everything happening in the industry. 

To get a better picture of the industry, you should definitely consider following them and their content on different platforms.

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