Banish Generic Calls To Action From Your Campaign NOW!

The title sounds cheesy, right? But it tells you exactly what you’re going to do. This is one of the fundamental elements of a marketing and advertising campaign, both on- and offline. After you’ve made your pitch about your service or product, the next logical step is to invite your audience to do something about it. This is your Call To Action (CTA). Image source: If you … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Stay Motivated In Blogging

If you’ve decided to blog, chances are you’ve begun on a high note, especially if you’ve been inspired by the idea of putting your thoughts online for everyone to see. But a few weeks or months into blogging, the love affair falters. You will run out of words to say, ideas to brew, and you will begin to slow down. You might even ask yourself “What’s the point in all … [Read more...]

What Makes SEO-Friendly Quality Blog Content?

You’ve heard it thousands of times: QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. While for some, it’s still debatable, the fact remains that quality content is the reason why your audience will come to you AND stay. Quantity can be attractive, but minus substance, it makes more for forgettable material that results in high bounce rates for your site. Quantity-driven content may work for low-value sites that … [Read more...]

How to Solve the “Creativity Problem” and Stand Out in a Crowd

I think everyone has the capacity to be creative, but if you listen to some pundits it seems creativity is something only bestowed on an elite few. The fact is, the word “creativity” itself can cause a lot of creative resistance, and make people feel that the bar has been set too high for them. Relax. Being creative does not mean you have to be the next Shakespeare or Leonardo Da … [Read more...]

How to Repurpose Old Posts Into Quality Content for Your Blog

Some days, your well of ideas runs dry and no matter how you try to find inspiration, you can’t somehow come up with meaningful, interesting, and new quality blog content. So instead of creating, why not recycle your older content into something fresh? There are several discussions on the pros and cons of using older content for your blog. Regardless of what critics may argue against it, as … [Read more...]

Bring Your Blogging Muse Back to Life

If you feel that your blogging mojo is flagging, sometimes all it needs is a jolt — or a series of such — to kick it back into gear. For many of us bloggers, dealing with the minutiae of our non-blogging lives and getting stuck in a routine are our biggest momentum killers. Sometimes it’s also self-doubt, running out of things to say, or other distractions that take the life out … [Read more...]

Are Article Directories Still Effective for Link Building?

As blog owners there is really nothing we love more than some good quality backlinks coming to our sites. The best backlinks are ones that come naturally from other bloggers and through social media. However not all of us can create incoming links simply by relying on outside bloggers and our site readers.For times like these many bloggers will look to alternative solutions to build incoming … [Read more...]

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When should you write? How often? How long should your blog posts be? Should you have a schedule? I get asked these questions and similar every week, between emails, Q&A calls/webinars, and clients. Content is becoming super important. We used to talk about if content was king or not. Now, I see a shift. The content creator is now king. (click to tweet) Keeping the crown is getting tougher … [Read more...]