Join me in our Mastermind?

Over a decade ago I ran a course called Authority Blogger. It was a great deal more successful than I anticipated, in fact many of the students of that course are still my friends today.

Authority Blogger was about growing a business around what you know – your experiences, your knowledge, your ideas and your advice. From writing books, creating courses, coaching, podcasting, YouTube, consulting through to public speaking. All things I still firmly believe in and speak about today.

While I had to end the course once I took full time employment again, it has been nagging away at the back of my mind that people still need what the course offered, though not in the same format:

  • Economic turbulence is only going to get worse.
  • Fewer people can expect secure employment, let alone a “job for life”.
  • We increasingly want to design our own lifestyles, on our terms.
  • Business is going to get more and more influenced and conducted online.

A couple of things came together to mean I could realize this mission of helping people launch and grow online businesses once again. First, my current boss gave me written permission to do things outside of my day job so long as they don’t conflict (thanks DV!), and second my friends at BizBudding were interested in working with me on something. While talking over my guest spot in their flagship course we discussed other ideas for how we could work together more, they were 100% on board, and our Business Mastermind was born.

What to Expect from the MasterMind Business Group

This is going to be a little different, and while it is not for everybody, I think some of you are going to really like it. We are not going to have thousands of people, it’s not going to be something we launch then hand over to assistants to run.

What you are going to get is me and the BizBudding team, unfiltered, and motivated to help you succeed.

One of the issues with courses is the overwhelm. I don’t know about you but I have more unread and unwatched courses than ones I have consumed.

We are busy, we are distracted, and we don’t want to have to wade through fluff to get the help we need.

So the first thing I wanted out of a new program is for people be able to get on-demand help, and without any eye-rolling, snark, or intimidation. Just helpful, expert advice from people who know what they are talking about.

Second, it’s super important as things change up so much, that advice is current. We need to know what is working right now, by people doing it rather than just talking about it. Commentary is fine, but nice-sounding theory doesn’t necessarily help our businesses grow.

Third, we need accountability. Knowing what to do doesn’t help when we don’t take action. You need to implement, you need to course-correct, and you need to constantly improve. With that in mind, myself and the team will help you put everything into practice, we will hold you accountable, and when you want it, we will critique your work to help you improve.

How the MasterMind Works

  1. Education, coaching and critiques – Regularly scheduled workshops and office-hours sessions.
  2. 24/7 access – Member area with worksheets, templates and forum networking/discussions with other members.
  3. Advice on-tap – Direct access to Chris and the BizBudding team.
  4. What’s working right now – Behind the scenes access to our own projects, warts and all.

What next?

The first few members are already enjoying the attention we are giving to them and their business. We are going to carefully grow the group over time. As the group and the content archive grows, the membership fee will go up.

First members obviously have the most influence on how the program operates and the kind of support you get, so if you want to be grandfathered at the lowest price and have the maximum influence, you should get in now.

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