PIGS, structures of surveillance, metabolic landscape, a quiet USA, etc. My favourite photo books of the moment

I'm drowning in really good books this year. Half of them are photography books. And because i'm short on time and these publications deserve a review, i'm going to take the lazy road: a sweeping and speedy overview of 5 of my favourite photo books of the moment. In one post. continue Article by we make money not art. Read entire story here. … [Read more...]

The sound of empty space

The sound of empty space explores relationships between microphones, speakers, and surrounding acoustic environments through controlled, self-generating microphone feedback. By building flawed technological systems and nullifying their intended potential for communication, the ear is turned towards the empty space between components; to the unique configurations of each amplifying assemblage … [Read more...]

DIYsect. A series about the DIY Biology & Biology-Art intersection

The goal of this small and smart web series is to discuss the way biotechnology is changing our society: What are its political, social, and even philosophical implications? What happens when manipulating life becomes as simple as writing a line of code? And more importantly, what does this mean for average citizens and their future? continue Article by we make money not art. Read entire story … [Read more...]

Staalplaat Soundsystem and the book that’s also a paper turntable and a music instrument

A quick post to let you know about the really REALLY nice book i received the other day. I can't stop playing with it. The publication celebrates Staalplaat Soundsystem's brilliant work continue Article by we make money not art. Read entire story here. … [Read more...]

The 3D Additivist Manifesto + Cookbook

An invitation to artists, researchers, activists and critical engineers to submit ideas, thoughts, and designs for the future of 3D printing. The submissions should reflect on the current state of additive manufacturing, find the potential encoded into the most challenging 3D printed objects and push 3D printing to its most speculative and radical limits. Once collected, these submissions will … [Read more...]

Networked Disruption. An interview with Tatiana Bazzichelli

The book and exhibition 'Networked Disruption' highlights the mutual interferences between business, art and disruption. Because it brings together the heterogeneous practices of hackers, artists, networkers, whistleblowers, activists and entrepreneurs, the concept is dense in reflections, provocations and references to contemporary society continue Article by we make money not art. Read entire … [Read more...]

Book review: Tactical Urbanism. Short-term Action for Long-term Change

Short-term, community-based projects--from pop-up parks to open streets initiatives--have become a powerful and adaptable new tool of urban activists, planners, and policy-makers seeking to drive lasting improvements in their cities and beyond. These quick, often low-cost, and creative projects are the essence of the Tactical Urbanism movement continue Article by we make money not art. Read … [Read more...]

Suohpanterror. Propaganda posters from Sápmi

Suohpanterror is an anonymous group of Sami artists who use wit, iconic images and humour as weapons to comment on the issues their people have to face on a daily basis: discrimination, racism, marginalisation, colonialism, dam building, logging, military bombing ranges, as well as exploitation by the tourism and energy industries. And of course, climate change continue Article by we make money … [Read more...]

Flash crashes. Glitches in the trading system

Members of RYBN were participating to refrag, a series of workshops, talks and performances that explored Glitch Art. Their presentation looked at what happens when HFT algorithms slip, glitch and disrupt the trading system. They analyzed four famous 'flash crashes.' Their study was based on a rigorous analysis of documents available online continue Article by we make money not art. Read entire … [Read more...]

Interview with Cecilia Jonsson, the artist who extracts iron from invasive weeds

The artist harvested 24kg of an invasive weed from a highighly polluted area in Spain, extracted the iron ore from the plants and used it to make an iron ring. The innovative experiment brought together the biological, the industrial, the technological and even craft to create a piece of jewellery that weights 2 grams. The project also suggests a way to reverse the contamination process while at … [Read more...]

Facta – Gambiologia magazine #3. Hacker poetics

Facta is an experimental publication orchestrated by Fred Paulino and the Gambiologia group. The first issue of Facta addressed the 'science of Apocalypse', the next one looked at people who accumulate, collect and re-purpose. This issue is all about the hacker culture, poetics and ethics in all their guises and deeds continue Article by we make money not art. Read entire story here. … [Read more...]

World of Warfare, a day at the arms dealers fair

In February 2011, Julian Röder traveled to Abu Dhabi for the International Defense Exhibition and Conference. 50,000 military officers and arms dealers attended the fair. Some represent dictators. Others are mortal enemies: India, meet Pakistan. But here they meet and mingle, shopping for missile systems, assault rifles, and attack helicopters continue Article by we make money not art. Read … [Read more...]

Radioactive Ming vases echo our toxic dependency on electronics

Each object is made from the amount of toxic waste created in the production of three items of technology - a smartphone, a featherweight laptop and the cell of a smart car battery. Besides, the vases are sized in relation to the amount of waste created in the production of each item continue Article by we make money not art. Read entire story here. … [Read more...]

Ebola, Molotov Cocktails and decaying discotheques. The Sony World Photography awards

This is the eight edition of the competition and, as usual, the Italians made a killing and take a large portion of the awards, there is a fair deal of suffering, at least one of the awards goes to an image featuring Palestinians living under occupation and facing discrimination (this year however, the photos are joyful), and it is always strange to look at the photos and realize that the main … [Read more...]

The Grey Zone. On the (il)legitimacy of targeted killing by drones

The practice of targeted killing by drones raises many questions: "How many civilians have been killed as collateral damage during these strikes?" "And even if we're talking about militants, how can the killings be justified when there has been judicial supervision? "If these drones can reach their targets anywhere, then how is the battlefield defined?" "Right now, only 3 countries use drones for … [Read more...]

These are the 11 best hacks from TNW Europe 2015

Every year at The Next Web conference there’s an epic hack battle held over the space of 36 hours during the event. It’s two days of coding, learning and meeting people. This year we had six API partners for the hack battle participants to leverage, including Zeef, Nexmo, Verisign, Braintree, Dropbox and Deezer. Here are the best hacks from the hack battle presentations this year. 1) Dropshop This … [Read more...]

Nexus 5 and 1-year Unlimited Talk-and-Text from FreedomPop: 65% off

Google’s version of Android offers a great mobile operating system experience, and the Nexus series of phones matches it with great hardware. In particular, the Nexus 5 offers high-end looks and specifications at an affordable price. It runs on a 2.26 GHz quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM, powering a pixel-packed 1080 × 1920 display. It also sports an 8MP rear-facing camera, a 1.2MP front-facing … [Read more...]

19 of the best Android apps from April 2015

April was a busy month for Android apps with the first proper arrival of Meerkat for Android devices, several new ways to navigate your presentation slides, the Chrome Dev browser and a number of other new arrivals to the Play Store, it can be hard to keep up. Luckily for you, we’ve pulled together a list of the best new and updated apps from across the whole month. It’s split across a few pages … [Read more...]

The secret psychology of Facebook

The post first appeared on Buffer. Whenever I hop onto Facebook to do something specific—find a link I saved for later or see what’s happening on Buffer’s Facebook page, perhaps—something strange happens. Despite my best intentions to stay on track and accomplish my goal, I get sucked in. Suddenly I’m checking my own notifications, looking at what’s been recently posted and generally forgetting … [Read more...]

21 of the best iOS apps from April 2015

April was a busy month for iOS apps, with clever new ways to mashup your photos, get a hand-drawn selfie delivered to your door or, err, book bus tickets. Also, Mattel’s Magic 8 Ball arrived. We’ve gathered the best new and updated apps below to save you some time. It’s split across a few pages to make it easier to read, but if you’d rather read it on one page, you can do that here. Fivrr Faces If … [Read more...]

10 best coding bootcamps for those on a budget

Rosie Allabarton is a writer who lives in Berlin. Her journalism specializes in technology, education, employment and women in technology. She works as a tech writer and content manager for CareerFoundry, an online educational platform that provides training in web development and UX design, providing career changers with the skills they need to launch themselves onto the tech scene. Web and … [Read more...]

How to block the Kardashians from your news feeds

Let’s face it. It’s hard work getting away from the Kardashians on the Web these days. You can keep scrolling, but one of them is sure to pop up somewhere and send you over the edge. Well, now there’s a solution – KardBlock. KardBlock is an adblocker, specifically for the Kardashian clan.  The website for the extension explains that it simply makes them disappear. Its creator, James Shamsi, is … [Read more...]

Vooza has discovered the ultimate lifehack

Ever get the feeling lifehacks have gone too far? Or maybe they just haven’t gone far enough… Vooza – a video comic strip about the tech world regularly shares a new video with you lovely TNW readers. Sign up for Vooza’s email list to get exclusive access to more funny videos like this one. Click here to support Vooza (and receive cool rewards). Don’t miss: What startups REALLY mean Article by … [Read more...]

Hands on with Microsoft HoloLens: My evening at the Holographic Academy

No doubt about it. HoloLens, the “mixed reality” headset under development from Microsoft, really lit up the company’s rather academic Build 2015 keynote. First unveiled at its Windows 10 event in January, HoloLens is a headset device that allows you to see high resolution 3D content at a 1:1 scale within the existing environment. Much of the HoloLens excitement is generated by the mystique … [Read more...]