Chalene Johnson, AskPat 300 and This Week’s Upcoming Webinars!

Happy Monday everyone! Today is a recovery day for me before I get back into the thick of things tomorrow, so I just have a few quick updates and announcements for you here in this post. Recovery from What? Well – over the weekend I had the pleasure and honor of speaking at the Smart Success Seminar, a 3-day event put on by Chalene Johnson and her husband Bret. It. Was. AWESOME! Chalene is a … [Read more...]

SPI 153: Systematizing – Pat and Mindy Talk AskPat and Our Productive Workflow

The Smart Passive Income Podcast has been nominated for a Top Business Podcast Award! Please help the show by visiting and find Smart Passive Income in the Business Category to cast your vote! You can vote daily through March 24th, and if you’d love to be reminded to vote each day, sign up at and I’ll send you a quick reminder email. That list will be … [Read more...]

The Best Kind of Question to Ask to Increase Engagement

Have you ever watched a game show on television by yourself? If you’re like most people, you probably have at some point in your life. They’re a lot of fun! And even though we hardly ever know who the contestants are on the show, it can hold our attention for quite a long time. Now, another question for you… While watching a game show by yourself, have you ever said an answer out … [Read more...]

SPI 154: Behind the Scenes of SPI TV with Caleb Wojcik – Gear, Numbers, and Production Tips

This week’s guest is the amazing Caleb Wojcik, the video mastermind behind and the videographer for my latest project, Smart Passive Income TV. Caleb and I have been working together on various projects for years, but never have I been more excited about anything video related until SPI TV. Since we launched SPI TV a few months ago, Caleb’s helped me take my existing … [Read more...]

6 Ways to Validate a Product Idea Before You Waste Your Time and Money

Validating a product idea: an all-important step to take to avoid wasting time and money building a product nobody wants. It seems like an obvious thing to do, however many times it’s a step that gets pushed aside. Why? It could be because: We think we already know what our audience wants and will pay for. We’re anxious to actually begin creating something and rush through the research … [Read more...]

SPI 155: Inside One of My Weekly Mastermind Meetings

I’m doing something different with today’s episode. No, it’s not another NPR-style epsiode—though you all know how much I love doing those. This time, I’m sharing with you a recording of a phone call. That phone call was with one of my mastermind groups I meet with each week. Consider this a sneak peek into how we run our mastermind group, what questions we ask, and how we … [Read more...]

My Monthly Income Report – March 2015

Welcome to my March 2015 monthly income report! As always, each month I write up a detailed report about how my online businesses are progressing. In these reports, you’ll find not only what I’ve been up to and the lessons I’ve learned, but a line-by-line breakdown of my earnings. Some income streams go up, and others go down, but there’s always a lesson involved. … [Read more...]

SPI 156: The Story Behind Abel James and the Success of Fat Burning Man

This week’s guest comes to us from the fitness world. He’s Abel James, who I got to know last year when he won an award for his incredible podcast, Fat Burning Man. Abel didn’t just stop at podcasting—his Fat Burning Man brand also includes a wildly successful book and mobile app. He’s built a multimedia franchise in an extremely saturated field, and he’s done it all … [Read more...]

It’s About Time! #NMX

It’s early Monday morning, and I’m writing this post from the bed of my hotel room in Las Vegas. I perform my keynote presentation in front of a gigantic crowd tomorrow, and I couldn’t be more excited! Here’s a preview of the room: Woot! I’ve had well over a year to plan for this, and tomorrow – after all of the planning, coordination and rehearsals – all … [Read more...]

SPI 157: The Art of Rejection with Jia Jiang

I first saw today’s guest on a TED Talk. His name is Jia Jiang, and his talk was titled, “Surprising Lessons from 100 Days of Rejection.” It’s one of those TED Talks you start watching and find you can’t stop—it’s that good. In the video, Jia talked a lot about struggling with rejection, particularly as an entrepreneur. He’d faced some hard blows trying to … [Read more...]

SPI 158: How to Productize Your Service-Based Business

I’ve got a truly special episode this week—one that I hope will be a huge game-changer for a lot of you. This episode is all about productizing. A productized service takes a skill you already provide and allows it to run systematically, growing with or without your direct involvement. It’s what the passive income lifestyle is all about. Productizing your service can free you from the … [Read more...]

Back to the Future Again (My Short Film to Open My NMX Keynote)

A lot of you know that I like to go all-out when I get on stage for a presentation. I’ve watched hundreds of talks online and even hired a coach at one point to improve my public speaking skills, and I always try to bring something new, creative and different to the stage. In 2013, during the opening Keynote for the Financial Blogger Conference, I started the presentation by literally … [Read more...]

SPI 159: The Best Practices for Increasing Sales With Your Autoresponder Email Series

This week, we’re talking about a simple thing that can have a huge positive impact on your business: email marketing and the power of an autoresponder series. Remember Steve Chou from Episode 143? Steve introduced me to the guy who helped him triple his revenue by making some small changes to his autoresponder series. That guy is Dan Faggella. When Steve told me I had to bring Dan on the … [Read more...]

6 New Social Media You Need to Watch

It seems like new social media networks are popping up all over the internet. After quite popular sites like Medium, Tsu and Ello or less known ones as Shots, This, Pheed, and Chirp, now it’s the time to introduce some new social projects I found online. Here are 6 new social media you need to watch. 1. Brabble Brabble is plenty a social media. You can interact by posting multimedia files, … [Read more...]

6 Basic Rules of a Good Blogger – Are You Following Them?

Professional bloggers know that to bring traffic to their site, they need to do more than just creating some blog posts. A successful blogger must write content that strikes a chord with people and gets them to react. Your website can be a source of great income, but you need to do more than simply create a large amounts of articles. You must write content that provides your readers with valuable, … [Read more...]

15 Solid Tips About Creating Great Content for Your Blog

Have you ever wondered how to create great content for your blog? This is a 2000 words guide with 15 steps to help you writing articles with real added value for your readers. 1. Plan What You Want to Achieve with an Article This point is essential. Planning is very important not only in your daily or business life. Before you start writing you have to know what you want. So, ask yourself some … [Read more...]

How to Make Money With Infolinks – Best Adsense Alternative

Internet is full of opportunities and making money online has become the dream of many people. Blogging is still a very popular way to earn an income, as there are different methods to monetize a website and its traffic. While Adsense seems to be the most common choice, in this post I want to write about a valid alternative: Infolinks. How to Join Infolinks Registering to Infolinks is very easy. … [Read more...]

Lucky Orange – The Most Complete Heatmap, Visitor Recording, and Chat Tool I Have Ever Used

Using the right tools in your blogging journey will definitely influence whether your success or failure. Have you ever wondered what actions take your visitors when landed on your website, checking exactly which pages they visit, even monitoring their mouse movement? Well, with Lucky Orange you can get this, plus many other interesting features, like live chat and polling system. How to Start … [Read more...]

Don’t Miss These 20 Sites to Get Free Images For Your Content

Finding the right media (while complying with the legal rules) is one of the most difficult parts of the creation of an article. You have to choose the right subject, identify a picture free of copyrights (otherwise citing the source or the author), verify that the image has sufficient pixels size (I go for 600 px within my blog posts, and a little more for the featured one) or even resize the … [Read more...]

Join BuildPath and Learn How to Create a Profitable Business

In the last two years, I have participated in many interviews for different websites in the blogosphere. Frequently, the question was: “If you could go back when you started blogging, what would you have done differently?” My answer was always the same: “I would have hired a professional to teach me the right path since the beginning. This would have saved me a lot of time and … [Read more...]

Secure Your Website and Hard Work Online with Defencely

The security of your website should be among your first priorities. You don’t want to waste all the hard work you put into your online business and have it hacked, for example. This is even more a necessity if your income comes from working online. There are a few steps you can take to secure your WordPress blog. I can suggest some important tips: – use a ultra-safe password (using … [Read more...]

4 Tools to Quickly Increase Your Mailing List

Have you ever wondered how many active readers you have on your blog? Do your visitors just open and close your website without letting you know if they will return? If your stats show that you attract more new visitors rather than entice old ones to return, then you must recognize that you need to focus on working harder on your audience, instead of thinking about just getting more traffic. To … [Read more...]

How to Become Futureproof – Opening Keynote NMX ’15 (SPI TV, Ep. 13)

It is my absolute pleasure to share the full version of my opening keynote at New Media Expo 2015. The theme is future proofing your business and brand. What does that mean? It means to be able to survive what’s ahead – to absorb the shock of the inevitable stresses that will test all of us from this point forward. Whether you like it or not, the future is coming, and to be able to … [Read more...]

Pension investments: Never too early to plan for the future

{}If you are a worker in your twenties or thirties, working at a job you love, or simply the job you need, retirement is probably the furthest thing from your mind right now. Retirement can sneak up on you though, so starting to invest for the future early on, including pension investments and other types of private investments, is wise. Professional investment firms, such as Fortress Investments, … [Read more...]