WordPress Plugins and How I Use Them (2019)

WordPress plugins enhance the capabilities of your WordPress blog. There are literally tens of thousands of WordPress plugins from which to choose, but I'll make this easy on you. Below is a list of my most frequently used WordPress plugins, along with descriptions of how I use them. Each of these plugins can be accessed through your WordPress Administration Panel by clicking Plugins > Add New … [Read more...]

What is Affiliate Marketing?

In simple terms, affiliate marketing is the promotion of products and/or services to earn commissions through an affiliate program. An affiliate program is a program that facilitates the relationship between online merchants and their affiliates — allowing the affiliate to promote that company's products or services for a commission. Affiliate programs may also be referred to as: Associate … [Read more...]

The Ultimate List of 100 Beauty Affiliate Programs for Health & Beauty Influencers in 2023

The cosmetics industry is definitely a large one, and despite the Coronavirus pandemic, it continued to remain profitable, particularly the skincare niche as reported by Statista. There's a strong need in all of us to look good, and this is why these types of blogs are growing in numbers. They're not limited to women, either: There are beauty blogs for men, too. Currently, there are around 45,000 … [Read more...]

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners You’re interested in affiliate marketing as a way of making money online and I know that’s a great choice for SO many reasons. I started affiliate marketing in 1997 and my online business as an affiliate marketer has provided me with a lifestyle that I would never have even dreamed possible had I continued working at my day job. So, let’s get you started… NOTE: … [Read more...]

50 Best Fitness Affiliate Programs of 2023 for Massive Passive Income

Fitness is a sub-niche of the weight loss niche, and the bigger health and wellness niche. As such, it is an evergreen niche, and the fitness affiliate programs that are part of it remain profitable, even in the midst of the current Covid-19 pandemic. Maybe even more so these days when all of us are compelled to stay fit and healthy. Below is a list of the best fitness affiliate programs today, … [Read more...]

Profitable Niches as Revealed by WordPress Theme Sales

An affiliate newsletter from StudioPress provided some really good clues as to profitable niches. StudioPress reported that their Top 10 Best-Selling Themes for January 2019 were as follows: Foodie Pro Theme Essence Pro Theme AgentPress Pro Theme Author Pro Theme Magazine Pro Theme Mai Lifestyle Pro Theme Refined Pro Theme Wellness Pro Theme Business Pro Theme Corporate Pro Theme Most of the … [Read more...]

30 Best Gaming Affiliate Programs of 2023

The global online gaming market has been on an upward trajectory, growing consistently in revenue since it began in the early 90s. It earned an estimated US$18B in 2020. Not even the Covid-19 pandemic, which negatively affected various industries, was able to slow it down. The pandemic even gave the gaming industry a boost as people turned to various digital entertainment channels to ease boredom … [Read more...]

Starting an Affiliate Marketing Business during COVID-19

I've fielded SO many queries about how to start an affiliate marketing business since the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic started, that I feel the need to come out of my 5-year retirement. So many of you who have contacted me, have lost your jobs or are on an indeterminate layoff due to the pandemic and are looking for ways to make money online quickly and thinking that affiliate marketing is the … [Read more...]

How to Avoid Common Online and Affiliate Marketing Scams in 2023

As common as the scams we listed down here is the misconception that affiliate marketing is a scam too. With all the affiliate marketing courses out there telling you that there is plenty of money to be made through affiliate marketing matched with the number of people and reviews saying they earned nil through the same methods, it does throw a shade over affiliate marketing to say the least. The … [Read more...]

The Danger of Relying Exclusively on Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter can be fantastic sources of traffic and income for bloggers and affiliate marketers. I think particularly of bloggers in the fashion and beauty industries who upload videos to YouTube, loaded with affiliate links in the video descriptions, and then post links to those videos from their other social media accounts on Facebook and … [Read more...]

7 Marketing Tools Your Business Needs in 2022 – iBlogzone.com

Every marketing tool carries the same straightforward objective: to simplify marketing while increasing conversions. The problem stands in selecting the proper tools for your business, as each company faces many individual variables. Customers’ behaviors change, goals change, and industries differ. Even a task as simple as finding an email client for Windows 10 requires research.  While each … [Read more...]

Profitable and Evergreen Niches for Affiliate Marketers in 2023

Compendium. A word bigger than its own description: a collection, compilation, treasury, digest. It brings to mind a huge repository of everything that is, and related to, one subject. In this case, evergreen affiliate marketing niches. It's quite lofty to say that this is the best of the best in all the lists out there of top affiliate marketing niches and top affiliate marketing programs. No, … [Read more...]

7 Ways to Increase Your Cyber Monday Affiliate Commissions

Cyber Monday is one of the most lucrative online shopping days of the year for affiliate marketers. Black Friday falls on the Friday after Thanksgiving Day in the United States and Cyber Monday falls on the Monday after that. Cyber Monday is a marketing invention that was first observed in 2005 by online retailer shop.org. Seen as an online version of Black Friday, Cyber Monday was created to … [Read more...]

SEO and Social Media Traffic Improvements By OpenAI – iBlogzone.com

Lately, AI or Artificial Intelligence has been taking the internet by storm. It has been said that OpenAI could virtually answer several questions in a sophisticated manner, come to a point that, among other things it can write poems, and why not blog posts 🙂 With that in mind, I gave OpenAI a whirl and asked some questions regarding SEO and Social Media traffic improvement tips. The answers … [Read more...]

29 Best Spiritual and Metaphysical Affiliate Programs of 2023

We always recommend that you go for a niche you're familiar in, a niche you have a knowledge or interest in. The spiritual niche is neither for me. It's one of the niches in ClickBank I haven't looked into and don't plan on going into. But I wanted to show you that you can enter any niche you want, as long as you do your homework. The Spiritual niche is a big one made up of several smaller … [Read more...]

Christmas Gifts for Bloggers 2022

Rosalind:Several items:this is what I get when I click on your link for the video:“Not found, error 404The page you are looking for no longer exists. Perhaps you can return back to the homepage and see if you can find what you are looking for. Or, you can try finding it by using the search form below.” 2. You enjoyed a remark I made, and I have no recollection of where you found it, nor of what I … [Read more...]

Google Analytics 4 – 11 Step Migration Checklist – iBlogzone.com

As Google has decided to sunset Universal Analytics, a lot of website owners are left wondering what will happen to their data. In this infographic, courtesy of measureschool.com, they have listed 11 steps which will help you do the GA4 migration and be able to keep gathering data. Source link … [Read more...]

How to Set Up a Clickbank Account in 2023 (and where to get your affiliate links)

ClickBank is arguably one of the best affiliate marketing networks there is. If anything, it is the most popular, owing to the fact that it is open to new affiliate marketers that don’t have a website yet. Where most affiliate networks would ask about your website and how much traffic it’s getting, ClickBank only wants your personal details. Considered as one of the pioneers among affiliate … [Read more...]

Dump the New Year’s Resolutions!

It's time to DUMP those New Year’s Resolutions! As the current year is nearing its end, many people are thinking about making New Year’s resolutions. Not me… or at least not anymore. I’ve blogged about New Year’s resolutions numerous times over the years, but like 80+% of New Year’s resolutions ever made, the majority of my personal resolutions have usually gone by the wayside (read ‘failed’) by … [Read more...]

10 Most Harmful SEO Mistakes You Need To Avoid In 2022 – iBlogzone.com

As technology rises and SEO changes, those managing websites must stay current. In order to make your site more visible, you need to keep up with the latest SEO trends. But there are many mistakes that you can make in regard to search engine optimization, which will only hurt your rankings. You might be new to SEO, but you don’t need to make any of these mistakes. By reading this article, you … [Read more...]

17 Best Anime Affiliate Programs of 2023

When this post on anime affiliate programs was initially published, Spirited Away was still the highest-grossing animated film of all time. The title now belongs to Demon Slayer: Mugen Train, grossing US$503M worldwide in 2020. That, in itself, is no big deal. A new film is bound to come along to knock out the current title-holder. What is astonishing is that it was released in October 2020, when … [Read more...]

Do’s And Dont’s of Press Releases

Press Releases are official statements given to newspapers containing information about a particular matter. Businesses use this as tool of marketing and it does work. But only if you do it right. That’s why we are going to talk about do’s and don’ts of press releases for all kinds of businesses and blogs. Do’s of Press Releases Create a catchy headline: You got that press release published … [Read more...]

Why youtube marketing is Important?

YouTube Marketing is the most underutilized marketing tool at present. With billions of users and millions of views every day, youtube has become an encyclopaedia. More and more people are using videos to solve their problems, learn new things and for entertainment. If your business hasn’t started youtube marketing yet, you must begin NOW. Here are some important things you must know Youtube can … [Read more...]

5 Must Have Safety Equipment For Office

Your employees are the biggest asset of your company and you need to make sure that you have adequate safety equipment for office. Why? You simply cannot afford even a small injury of your employee. You cannot afford accidents that can be clearly avoided. How? By investing in safety equipment for office, you would send a message to your employees that you care for them as well as you would do a … [Read more...]