Apple is investing in Solar Energy!

This Post was Originally published at Apple is investing in Solar Energy! on Start Investing Money Tim Cook: New solar farm will be Apple’s ‘biggest and boldest project ever’ – ZDNet ReutersTim Cook: New solar farm will be Apple’s ‘biggest and boldest project ever’ZDNetCook touted this solar farm would be able to produce enough power for almost 60,000 … [Read more...]

TopCashBack Review

TopCashBack is described as the UK’s highest paying Cashback site, so it definitely seems worth taking a look at it to see what it is all about. The site states that it already has a whopping 4 million members and is growing all the time. So how does it work and in what way could it benefit you? Find out in this TopCashBack Review. The Basics The way that TopCashBack works is that they pass … [Read more...]

Top Tips for Saving Money During a Divorce

Divorce is one of the most stressful things that people can go through during their life. Apart from the emotional and mental toll that a divorce can take, splitting up a marriage can also have a big impact on a person’s finances. From hiring a lawyer, to paying for court costs, relocation expenses, a house sale, and more, there are many different yet unavoidable ways in which a relationship split … [Read more...]

15 baby toys that you can make for free

Who said babies have to be expensive? I am due in a few weeks with baby #3 and let me tell you that I have learned that you don’t need most of the baby stuff that stores try to sell.  Especially when it comes to toys. Babies tend to want to play with everything and anything and it doesn’t matter if it is a $50 toy or one that you make for free.  I love these simple DIY baby toys from … [Read more...]

4 Tips to Save Your Family Money This Summer

For our family, summer promises fun, a break, a vacation, and relaxation. We can plant flowers, grow gardens, spend time at our local farmer’s market, and travel. But summer can be expensive for families who try to “do it all.” Along with some planned activities, unexpected summer fun can pop up out of nowhere – and so can the expenses! Here’s how you can manage the finances of your … [Read more...]

Subsidized vs. Unsubsidized Student Loans

As educational costs continue to rise, many students find themselves borrowing money using student loans in order to come up with the cash they need to pay for expenses. These loans can be used to pay for college tuition, room and board, fees, books, and other necessary items. When borrowing money for college, students have two different types of federal student loans that they can access: … [Read more...]

Which Winnie-the-Pooh Character Are You?

One reason the Winnie-the-Pooh characters created by A. A. Milne have lasted for decades is the uniqueness of their personalities. Most of us know real life Tiggers, Eeyores and Poohs. In fact, most of us can see some of these three in our own lives. I don’t claim to know exactly how these three would manage their money, but this article is a fun exercise in speculation. Because I believe … [Read more...]

10 Frugal Landscaping Ideas to make Your Yard Amazing

So, I’m starting to research frugal landscaping ideas to make my yard amazing this Spring. Bloggers have so many fab ideas! There are so many back yard projects, curb appeal DIYs that it’s hard to narrow down what will not only look best for my home, but also won’t hurt my wallet too much! I would like to share with you some of these creative and inexpensive landscaping ideas … [Read more...]

Financial – and Life – Lessons from 40 Years of Marriage

As I bask in the celebration of our recent 40th wedding anniversary, complete with surprise readings from each child, child-in-law and grandchild, I can see some great personal finance applications of the principles Jan and I used raising our four children. My quandary is that in order to share the financial lessons, I am obligated to share what our kids had to say in their readings. I therefore … [Read more...]

What’s Your Financial Personality?

Ever notice how finances can affect you emotionally? I’ve known people who hate the idea of spending their money altogether and some people who don’t know how to make a budget at all. What if there was a scale that you could use to classify your financial personality? Yes, I can see it now. Instead of making up a boring answer when your financial planner asks how things are going, you can … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Bundle: Over 75 books worth $1,000+ for just $29

I am excited to be partnering on the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle for the next few days.  It really is an amazing collection of eBooks, courses, printables, and a lot more that you can pick up for $29. There are so many great books from Best-Selling authors, bloggers with millions of followers, and true experts in a variety of topics. Click here to see all the books/courses/printables included! The … [Read more...]

15 Kitchen Tips & Tricks that would Make MacGyver Proud

MacGyver. Remember him? If you watched television in the later 80’s and into the early 90’s, you’ll know exactly who I am speaking of. He always had some trick up his sleeve and a way to solve nearly everything problem and he knew how to get out of every situation. Even life or death situations. He just always had THE solution. My kitchen can be a battle ground some days, but … [Read more...]

The 10 best airports in Asia

Leading consumer aviation website Skytrax has published its latest annual World Airport Awards, and for the third consecutive year, Singapore's Changi International Airport took the crown as the world's best airport. However, Changi isn't the only world class facility of its kind in Asia — which is why Skytrax has released its list of the 10 best airports in Asia. The Skytrax annual rankings are … [Read more...]

Defenders of the web: The people behind 7 influential security companies

Browsing the web may be easy, but ensuring your digital safety is not. That's why there are hundreds of companies around providing numerous products to safeguard consumers and companies from malicious actors. While many of these companies offer seemingly identical products, some of the best are not only protecting users but researching what hackers are doing and exposing them. Here are a few of … [Read more...]

Berkshire Hathaway made $1.3 billion on financial weapons of mass destruction; earnings beat

Berkshire Hathaway, the conglomerate run by billionaire Warren Buffett, had a pretty good first quarter. Operating earnings jumped 20{07c0bb02cae1f0b356e550d14375ff5283a467e66c49238eeeae84ea79201741} year-over year to $2,583 per share. Analysts were looking for $2,373 per share. To be clear, that's for each A-share of Berkshire Hathaway, which closed at $215,800 on Friday. Total operating earnings … [Read more...]

These 18 tech companies offer the best benefits, according to employees

Employees who work at tech companies are some of the most pampered employees on earth. Gourmet food, free beer and wine, health clubs, day care, doggie day care, are standard fair at large companies, and pretty common at startups, too. But, it turns out, those are not always the benefits employees most care about, according to a survey conducted by Glassdoor.Amazon: 3.6 out of 5 HP's employee … [Read more...]

Here’s why Instagram demographics are so attractive to brands

Instagram has suddenly become the go-to social network for young adults and teens in the United States. In a new report from BI Intelligence, we unpack data from over a dozen sources to understand how social media demographics are still shifting, including the migration of young users to photo-based social networking. Access The Full Report And Its 20 Charts By Signing Up For A Trial >> Here … [Read more...]

Nigeria frees 234 more children, women from Boko Haram stronghold

Abuja (AFP) - Nigeria has freed another 234 women and children from Boko Haram's Sambisa forest, the military said Friday.The defence headquarters said in a statement the hostages were rescued on Thursday through the Kawuri and Konduga end of Sambisa forest.Some 500 women and children have already been rescued by the military in the past few days.Join the conversation about this story » … [Read more...]

The Milwaukee Bucks rebuilt their team in 12 months and now they have the most interesting young core in the NBA

Though the Milwaukee Bucks' season ended Thursday night with a 120-66 beatdown to the Chicago Bulls, they began a successful rebuild quicker than anyone imagined this season. In 2013-14, the Bucks had the worst record in the league, finishing 15-67. In one year, the Bucks became the sixth seed in the East, winning a respectable 41 games despite low expectations. The Bucks have essentially … [Read more...]

Actress Blake Lively has a lot to say about women in the tech industry

Actress Blake Lively is perhaps most well known for her starring role on "Gossip Girl" or her marriage to Ryan Reynolds, with whom she just had a baby, but the 27-year-old insists she is an entrepreneur and businesswoman at heart. Last July, Lively launched Preserve, an e-commerce site devoted to "the stories and creations of artisans." The site sells things like $495 hand-painted boyfriend jeans, … [Read more...]

People are dishing on Twitter about how much money they make

For May Day, a programmer named Lauren Voswinkel suggested a hashtag, #talkpay, at the site Model View Culture. Voswinkel is encouraging others to be open about what they do and how much they get paid for it, in part to help with transparency in the notoriously white male industry. Predictably, the replies are mostly from tech workers, which means the salaries skew higher than in other industries. … [Read more...]

Here’s what happened when scientists blasted mouse brains with radiation to simulate what it’d be like to get hit with a cosmic ray

The vacuum of space is filled with dangerous radiation that can seep through spacecraft, spacesuits, and even the bodies of astronauts, and scientists are trying to figure out the risks it poses for humans traveling beyond Earth's protective atmosphere. So if we ever want to send humans to Mars, scientists need to know what would happen to us if we get hit with radiation from a cosmic ray or a … [Read more...]

Warren Buffett has been writing investor letters for 50 years – here are the 5 best

Warren Buffett's annual letter to shareholders comes out soon, and it's guaranteed to be a must-read. But Buffett's entire archive of letters make for great reading. So what ones should you read? To get a handle on this, we talked to software developer and Warren Buffett aficionado Steve Ritter, who has read every letter and goes to Berkshire's annual meetings each year. He gave us his top 5 … [Read more...]

How Robert Downey Jr. got a shirt of Bruce Lee DJing into ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’

Warning: If you haven’t seen “Avengers: Age of Ultron” there are spoilers ahead! Halfway through "Avengers: Age of Ultron,” when it looks like The Avengers have their backs against the wall, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) begins to devise a plan to gain the upper hand with Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo). What he’s wearing is likely to be the must-have T-shirt of the summer. As the two speak, Stark is … [Read more...]