16 Jobs That Pay $70k a Year Without a Degree (Up to $240k)

Looking for jobs that pay 70k a year without a degree? It’s a good search to make because it’s definitely not a pipe dream. Some people go to college, pay tens of thousands of dollars, and get a job that maxes out at $40,000 a year. It just makes absolutely no sense! Why not instead get into a career field that can earn $70k a year or more?

It’s certainly a question worth asking. And, if any of the careers below look interesting, why not pursue them? You don’t need a degree, and it might earn thousands more than you’re earning today! See the table below for a quick list of jobs that pay $70k a year. If you want more info, keep scrolling down, and you’ll find detail about what the job entails, the pay, the requirements, and how to get started.

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16 Jobs That Pay 70k a Year Without a Degree: Quick Summary

Job Salary Range Minimum Requirements
Commercial Pilot $112k-$240k FAA Exam, Pilot license, 250 hours of flight training
Air Traffic Controller $52k-$110k Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative
Elevator Technician $60k-$100k Apprenticeship and certification with NAEC
Real Estate Broker $25k-$114k High school diploma and real estate license
Aircraft Mechanic $65k-$108k Certificate from an FAA-approved school for maintenance
Funeral Service Manager $80k-$110k High school diploma, courses in biology, chemistry, public speaking
Electrician $55k-$90k Apprenticeship and state licensing
Plumber $40k-$71k Apprenticeship and plumbing license
Truck Driver $37k-$77k Commercial driver’s license and on-the-job training
Storage/Distribution Mgr $60k-$100k High school diploma, experience in warehouse management
Postmaster $36k-$100k High school diploma, education in public administration, communication, or prior experience
Dental Hygienist $57k-$96k National Board Dental Hygiene Exam, may need associate’s degree
Line Lead of Operations $35k-$105k High school diploma and line experience
Railroad Conductor $47k-$100k High school diploma, certification, on-the-job training
Web Developer $37k-$87k Coding boot camp, experience in HTML, CSS, Javascript
Start Your Own Business $0k-infinity None, but you’ll want to be an expert in the field you choose

$70k Jobs That Don’t Require a Degree: More Details

You want a lucrative career that earns $70k a year or more. And without the need for a degree. Want to know more about the jobs that we outlined above? Take a look!

1) Commercial Pilot

Median salary: $112k – $240k (depending on the type of aircraft)

Duties: Commercial pilots navigate airplanes, crop dusters, helicopters, and other aircraft. Even though they can be airline pilots, they don’t necessarily have to be. They can also assist firefighters and become tour guides.

Certification: You will need a private pilot license, pass the FAA exam, and 250 hours of flight training.

How to Get Started: How to Become a Commercial Pilot 

2) Air Traffic Controller

Median salary: Around $52k-$110k

Duties: Air traffic controllers coordinate the movement of aircraft to maintain a safe distance between them

Certification: Candidates typically need an associate’s degree from the Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative program. But, if they have 3 years of progressive responsible work experience, they may be able to work themselves into the role.

How to Get Started: How to Become an Air Traffic Controller

3) Elevator Technician

Median salary: Around $84k

Duties: Elevator technicians oversee the installation of elevators, mechanical walkways, and escalators. They also take care of the servicing, maintenance, testing, and repairing of the electrical system and all its parts.

Certification: Apprenticeship and certification through the National Association of Elevator Contractors (NAEC)

How to Get Started: How to Become an Elevator Mechanic

4) Real Estate Broker

Median salary: $25k – $114k

Duties: The broker represents the sellers or buyers of real estate or real property (which is super hot right now!). They tend to work independently but can also work with a company, but the pay is solely commission-based.

Certification: High school diploma and real estate license

How to Get Started: Getting Into Real Estate: 5 Steps to Becoming an Agent

5) Aircraft Mechanic

Median salary: $65k – $108k

Duties: Aircraft mechanics are responsible for repairing wings, brakes, electrical systems, and other aircraft components. They diagnose mechanical and electrical problems as well as replace defective parts.

Certification: Obtain a certificate from an FAA-approved school for maintenance or; gain at least 18 months of on-the-job experience

How to Get Started: Basic Requirements to Become an Aircraft Mechanic

6) Funeral Service Manager

Median salary: $98k

Duties: Offer counsel to family or friends of the deceased, arrange removal of the deceased’s body, prepare the remains, file death certificates, and train junior staff.

Certification: May need an associates degree in mortuary science, but not always required. High school students can prepare to become a funeral service worker by taking courses in biology, chemistry, business, and by participating in public speaking.

How to Get Started: How to Become a Funeral Service Manager

7) Electrician

Median salary: $55k – $90k

Duties: Electricians work on power outages as well as rewiring projects for fixtures and equipment. They also handle the safety of lighting and wiring installation. They take care of the inspection of electrical components as well.

Certification: Apprenticeship and state licensing

How to Get Started: How to Become and Electrician

8) Plumber

Median salary: $40k – $71k

Duties: Plumbers are responsible for installing and repairing pipes/fittings. They also install plumbing fixtures like sinks and tubs.

Certification: Apprenticeship and plumbing license

How to Get Started: How to Become a Plumber

9) Truck Driver

Median salary: $37k -$77k

Duties: Truck drivers haul light/heavy/oversize loads over the road (OTR) or locally. They can work solo or in teams. The pay can vary depending on different factors like the type of load, mileage, and even the area.

Certification: Commercial Driver License & on-the-job training

How to Get Started: Becoming a Truck Driver in 6 Steps

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10) Transportation, Storage, and Distribution Managers

Median salary: $84k

Duties: Plan, direct, or coordinate transportation, storage, or distribution activities (ie. make a plan for where stuff should go and when). They usually work in a warehouse and manage a staff of employees.

Certification: High school diploma. 5 years of experience in a related field. Experience in warehouse management or an understanding of shipping technology.

How to Get Started: How to Become a Distribution Manager

11) Postmaster

Median salary: $36k-$100k

Duties: Responsible for managing the daily operations of a United States post office. Hire, train, and supervise postal employees as well as enforce postal regulations, oversee customer service, handle administrative tasks, and manage mail distribution.

Certification: High school diploma. Additional education in public administration, communication, or a business-related field. One to five years of experience in the postal system is required.

How to Get Started: Become a Postmaster: Education and Career Roadmap

12) Dental Hygienist

Median salary: $57k-$96k

Duties: Meet with patients and examine their teeth before they see a dentist. Clean the patient’s teeth and identify any problem areas.

Certification: Must pass the National Board Dental Hygiene Exam. Many private practices also require an associate’s degree.

How to Get Started: How Long Does It Take to Become a Dental Hygienist?

13) Line Lead of Operations

Median salary: $35k-$105k

Duties: Work on a production line and manage a team of line workers in an operations setting. You’ll not only manage the team, but also keep an eye on inventory, problem solve issues, and come up with ways to speed up production without hindering the quality of the product.

Certification: High school diploma as well as extensive experience working on a production line

How to Get Started: What is a Line Leader and How to Become One?

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14) Railroad Conductor

Median salary: $47k-$100k

Duties: Work aboard trains and coordinate the daily activities of train crews. They also oversee the loading and unloading of cargo.

Certification: High school diploma, on-the-job training, and in some circumstances, certification.

How to Get Started: What Does a Railroad Conductor Do and How to Become One?

15) Web Developer

Median salary: $37k-$87k

Duties: Web developers create, modify, and manage functional websites. Web developers are responsible for programming a website and designing its user interface.

Certification: Either earn a computer science degree at a traditional college or attend a coding bootcamp. Prove your coding proficiency. Web developers are expected to master the following programming languages: HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, JavaScript.

How to Get Started: How to Become a Web Developer

16) Start Your Own Business

Median salary: $0k – infinity

Duties: You could start your own business in any field – from electrical to plumbing to blogging, writing, or site building! The key here is that you wouldn’t just draw a salary like a typical job. You could work as much or as little as you want, and the sky is the limit on income! Want to earn a ton? Then add a ton of value for your customers!

Certification: No certifications needed to work for yourself. You’ll obviously want a ton of experience in your desired field before you jump in with both feet.

How to Get Started: 10 Steps to Start Your Small Business

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Jobs That Pay $70k a Year Without a Degree: Which Will You Choose??

Jobs that pay $70k a year without a degree aren’t that hard to come by (depending on the state you live in of course). With the list above, you can now find a lucrative career without having to go through 4 years of college and incur a huge debt. And most of these jobs allow you to become certified by receiving on the job training. And how great is that?! You get paid more based on the skills you acquire over time so there’s certainly potential to make over $70k a year! So don’t get discouraged. You can still be successful without a degree. Are you ready to make $70k a year with no degree? It’s certainly possible if you get into the right field!

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